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Who are we?

Our story started with a mother trying to support her daughter choose an appropriate career path and, on the way, select the right high school subjects,shortlist best-fit colleges to apply to and prepare for them. Proverbially with many deer-in-the-headlight moments, she realized the challenges that lay strewn along the path, something that every parent and student goes through in high school and decided to make it her mission to solve it once for all.

The result (well once the daughter got successfully placed in a top ranked Ivy League college) was sleepless nights put together to form the right team, source and curate relevant data and create the world-class data driven one-stop-platform that is cademy1.com.

We realize that in this domain the goal posts constantly change, new challenges evolve for which new solutions are needed. Every day, we interact with our young adults to understand their challenges, and collaborate with leading educationists, counsellors, industry mentors and technologists to create world class solutions.

Our Mission

To inspire, nurture and empower young adults with data driven solutions, so they can excel in their future.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where every young adult can fearlessly pursue innovation,be happy with their career choice and collectively create a better world.That is our commitment.

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do, how we see the challenges of today, how we design and create our solutions, and how we operate as a team.

Embrace DATA

Embrace DATA Data always speaks to the truth.This philosophy drives all our solutions. Knowing this, our young adults can make confident decisions at any crossroad.

Delight YOU

Delight YOU We are in this to give our young adults the best experience possible as they embark on their life's journey. We are always on ground-zero to understand their needs and create solutions that directly serve them.

Focus on the PAINS

Focus on the PAINS We feel the same pains and the challenges that our young adults do. That is where we began this journey, and it will always serve as the guiding light for everything we create.

Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy the ride We believe our best work is created when there is transparency, trust, collaboration and happiness. Fun at work drives us forward.