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Arnab ,M.B.A , 24 years
Computer Science, Data Science, AI

As an experienced mentor, in my free time assist high school students in conducting research and project work in cross-domain subject areas such as economics, financial markets, social studies etc. using different AI & ML algorithms. With my guidance, students develop the skills and knowledge to apply AI & ML techniques to solve real-world problems and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.

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Mhimma ,Masters (M.Sc, M.A, M.Ed) , 5 years

A PhD enthusiast mentoring students from high school to post graduation, from selecting the appropriate subject according to their interest to completing major and minor projects for gaining credits in the course duration. With experience in R as a computaional aspect and softwares to connect problems of biology with different dicsciplines. Mentoring students across the niche to help them get a better understanding for "What is best for them?" rather going with "The Best fits everyone".

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Poonam ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 15 years
Environmental, Earth Science Biology

Dr. Poonam Singhal is an Assistant Professor in the domain of nutrition and food science at St. Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad and a visiting faculty at University of Hyderabad. She has done M.Sc (Food and Nutrition, Gold medalist), B.Ed (Home science) from Delhi University and Ph.D (Food science and nutrition, IIT Delhi). With over 12 years of experience in research, teaching and documentation at institutions like IIT Delhi, IIM Calcutta, ISB Hyderabad and NIRDPR Hyderabad, UNICEF etc she aspires to learn, innovate and evolve. She has published several papers in the journals of national and international repute and presented papers at the international conferences.

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Tanvi ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 5 years
Biology Psychology Chemistry

I am a mentor with expertise in public health and data science.I guide graduate studends in conducting research that integrate these fields and help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I also teach high school students how to integrate data science in their research through a fun problem-based approach. My goal is to equip the next generation of scientists with the necessary tools and skills to tackle healthcare and neuroscience challenges.

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Dibakar ,Masters (M.Sc, M.A, M.Ed) , 6 years
Physics Biology

As a cross-disciplinary mentor, I guide high school students in conducting research projects that integrate physics and biology principles. I help them develop a deep understanding of biophysical techniques and their applications in solving real-world problems. By providing personalized attention and support, I help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for success in scientific careers. My collaborative and student-centered approach empowers students to take ownership of their research projects and develop a passion for scientific discovery. My goal is to help students succeed in their scientific endeavors and make a positive impact on the world through their research.

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Vishesh ,Masters (M.Sc, M.A, M.Ed) , 6 years
Physics Mathematics

As an experienced mentor, I assist high school students in conducting research and project work in subject areas such as astrophysics, particle physics and pure and applied mathematics. With my guidance, students explore an advanced interesting topics in cutting edge physics and mathematics research. I have been mentoring and teaching students from all over the world. Along with mentoring, I have also been an active tutor for physics, mathematics and common entrance tests like SAT, GMAT, GRE and AP.

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Neeta ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 15 years
Mathematics Computer Science, Data Science, AI

As an experience in supervising 8 PhD Scholars, More then 100 Dissertations and more the 30 Projects in the various computer science domain and Communication Network, Next Generation Networks, Machine Learning, MANET, VANET, Internet of VANET etc. I believe in the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and thus my research draws on insights from a wide range of disciplines.

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Sagnik ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 14 years
Physics Mathematics Environmental, Earth Science

"My expertise lies in mentoring students in interdisciplinary STEM projects with advanced practical applications. I team up with motivated students to ideate, conceptualize and execute a project of common interest and work together to bring it to fruition in limited time. I have been mentoring STEM enthusiasts during my academic and industrial tenures in premiere institutes and tech companies in India and the United States. Kindling interest in bright, inquisitive minds, exchanging ideas and providing extensive guidance in focused literature review, feasibility, methodology, applications and potential pathway to continue the research are some of the highlights of my research mentoring."

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Soumyajit ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 6 years
History (World, US, Anthropology) Sociology Government, Politics

As a proficient mentor for research in Anthropology, Sociology, and Humanities, I support students and new researchers in these fields. I possess an extensive knowledge of the theories and methodologies utilized in these areas and am committed to helping my students achieve their academic and professional objectives. Additionally, I offer essential critiques on research designs, methodology, and data analysis, and assist in enhancing professional competencies like academic writing, presentation, and networking. My guidance enables students to navigate the intricacies of academia and establish successful careers as researchers and scholars.

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Ananya ,Doctorate (Ph.D) , 9 years
Environmental, Earth Science Biology

Ananya is an expert mentor in all the subjects of Life sciences: biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Earth Sciences.

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